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Helicopter tour

The large part of you have discovered Tuscany some many times, falling in love with spectacular landscapes but…what about from the ‘high high springboard’?

Marco has selected a lot of amazing tours, on the sea-coast, on the art cities (and believe me, my Florence.. from the sky…. is more than enchanting), to the island but my favourite one is….the tasting wine tour (of course…)!

The tour starts in Pratello (close to Pisa, about 40 mn. far from here) and after a great flight on the green Tuscan valley you arrive in San Gimignano for an aaaaammmmmaaaaazing wine tour. Visiting a beautiful wine cellar plus … the wine tasting! The total tour is about 2 hr. including 25 mn of fly.

Of course it will be the most exclusive and private tour you could have this summer!

And after drinking Brunello di Montalcino and flying in the sky….you will be back to me happy as babies.

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