Ganesh’s tips for a Tuscan getaway


Hei that’s the lovely article that Ganesh ( and Sonia of course….) has written for our community blog!I honestly love its tips….❤️❤️❤️

The best thing about visiting MLH is that it now feels like our second home, a summer getaway, a peaceful “escape”.

As soon as we walk in through the doors of Micaela’s lovely home, it feels like all the stress of our day-to-day disappears as we embrace the warmth and hospitality of Micaela’s family.

Having stayed at MLH on numerous summers, we have come to know Quercianella and the surroundings quite well (not as well as we’d like to believe though).

Here are some of our highlights:       
Station Gallery: it’s now become somewhat of a tradition to start our stay in MLH with a visit to Station Gallery. There’s no better way to get into the holiday mood with an aperitivo, watching the locals talk animatedly over a glass of aperol and eating small bites. The food and wine selection is as well really good and the staff goes out of their way to explain everything in a mixture of Italian and English. Highly recommended and also one of Micaela’s favourite restaurants. 

Serendipity: no trip to Castiglioncello is complete without visiting Serendipity – a stylish Men’s only clothing store (sorry ladies) in the town centre. Owner, Alessandro curates a selection of cool brands and products, that will definitely make you feel and ooze Italian flair (whether you can pull if off is a different story! But you are on holiday, so just buy that bright green chinos …you know you want to).

Bolgheri: a drive out to this wine producing region is a must! Beautiful landscape, lots of vineyards to vist and food. One of my favourite wine vards to visit is Michele Satta and Tenuta Argentiera. Both wineries offer the possibility to visit the production and also a taste of their wines. A definite must if you are in the area. As for food, you can’t go wrong for lunch at Enoteca Tognoni – really good pasta (I still dream of the wild boar ragu) and amazing collection of wine from the region. Another good option is Osteria Magona – now if you do visit this place, do one thing – order the Bistecca Fiorentina – you won’t regret it! It’s a big, it may seem too much, but just do it!

In this  photo gallery you can have Ganesh’s images from MLH, Cala de’ Medici harbor, Baia del Quercetano’ view in Castiglioncello, entrance for the rest. La Lucciola, my favorite dish from Station Gallery…’braciola fritta’, and Mia (the cat!) watching from the sofa’….

Do you like it?

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