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Whatever your idea of a “Perfect Holiday” might be – it is never too late to read a book or two! And while in Italy why not read an exciting book about Italy? Of course, Donna Leon and her dozens of crime-stories might be a good beginning, but they are about Venice and Venice – frankly speaking – is not “Italy”. So here are a few recommendations, biased and personal:

Magdalen Nabb, another anglo-american lady who lived in Italy, wrote numerous (14) stories about crimes in Florence. Leading character is a “maresciallo” from the “Carabinieri”, named Salvatore Guarnaccia. As she lived next to a police station her stories are quite near to “reality”. Good books, very exciting.

Marco Malvadi, born in Pisa, writes from another angle: his books undoubtedly are situated in Tuscany, but in a fictive little city, called “Pineta”. There a “barrista”, together with some strange old men, have to solve delicate crimes. Again good books, good to read.

Andrea Camilleri, born in Sicily, and his “Commissario Montalbano” from “Vigàta” is well-known from the Italian TV-serie by the same name (with the brilliant Luca Zingaretti). But Camilleri’s books are different, more intricate and a real pleasure to read. Give them a try.

Last, but not least there is Giorgio Scerbanenco. He wrote his books in the 1960ies and some of them are not easy to find. They are about “Duca Lamberti” a former medical doctor who lost his license and now works as a private detective in Milan.

Again, the stories are exciting and tell a lot about a long-gone era – the 60ies in Italy, with the music of Adriano Celentano, Rita Pavone, Gianni Morandi or even Dalida.

Best, Gustavo Lo Scrittore

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