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A long, long time ago there was a beautiful princess, Elisa was her name. She was the sister of the Great Emperor, and because he liked her so much, he first made her Princess of Piombino and then Princess of Lucca and finally Grand Duchess of Tuscany.

She was a good and clever woman – she fought against the bandits, she built roads, she drained the swamps and she even brought the silkworm to Tuscany. And of course she fell in love under the moonlit sky of Lucca – with Niccolò Paganini, the Devil’s Violinist. To see him, to hear him, to feel him, to touch him Elisa bought a big estate near Lucca, a villa and a parc in the small village of Marlia.

Still today this place is pure magic with old trees, statues covered with moss and overgrown by branches, here and there small, hidden buildings, and Pan’s Cavern with abstruse figures spitting water from their bearded mouthes. From time to time an old cat crosses the way, telling bizarre stories from the days long gone before they disappear under the hedges.

From Quercianella to the “Parco Villa Reale” it is just one hour drive by car. To go there in the morning leaves enough time to have lunch and visit Lucca on the way back.

The parc is open from 10:00 to 18:00h (16:00h on sundays), 8 € entrance fee p. p.
Via Fraga Alta 2
55014 Marlia, Capannori

This article has been written from one of the most lovely, interesting and affectionate guest of MLH. He is a professional writer and for privacy at this step I will use the nickname of ‘Gustavo lo Scrittore’  as his signature…hoping to have soon more articles from him! ?

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