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IMG_1310Simply sniffing a Riesling is a great pleasure.

Hints of apple, citrus, peach and apricot can be detected!

The purity of fruit aroma combined with an unique fruit acidity make the Riesling into one of the greatest grape varieties in the world.


For that reason I decided to have a Master on it,..and I have discovered a lot:

– at the beginning of the 19th century German Riesling wines were among the most expensive in the world.

– over 22,000ha in German vineyards are planted with Riesling which is about 60 percent of all the Riesling in the world.

– the Pfalz and the Mosel are the two largest Riesling-growing region in the world and the first document referred to Riesling has been dated 1435!

– thanks to German immigrants Riesling also advance to other countries in the world such us Australia, Usa and New Zealand.

Unlike most other grape varieties the character of a Riesling depends on the type of the soil it grows in.

Heavy clay soils (argille) promote a citrus fruit aroma, new red sandstone (sabbia) ensure a taste of apricot in the wine and slate soils (ardesia0 create a coincise mineral note which is at time reminiscent of flint!

Riesling wines can age beautifully!

During our Master Class in Lucca, we have tasted so many Riesling variations: as Winzersekt (winegrower’s sparkling wine), as trocken (dry version), as a noble Spatlese (late harvest), as precious Auslese (special selection of ripe grapes) or Trockenbeerenaulese….a pure juice of happiness (236 g/l in sugar…!!!)

Riesling is wonderfully refreshing in this diversity and as a food companion goes particularly well with fish and poultry dishes with light sauces or vegetable ragout. The semi-dry variety is the ideal accompaniment to Asian cuisine. The sweet wines….oh well they can pair with a wonderful world!….Desserts & strong cheeses

This special Riesling Master Class will attend us next Saturday too and I am thrilling in order to taste the famous Ice-wine… concentrate, extremely refined wine, brilliant acidity, bright fruit flavours and sweetness…. a pure pleasure!


Do you like it?

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