Winter time is the right season for cooking!

Sunday morning, late breakfast outside is cold and raining and you just need to pamper yourself and your partner.
Let’s go on the traditional Gnocchi Toscani nothing easier, faster and tasteful!

Of course that’s the Mediterranea Luxury House choice.

traditional Gnocchi Toscani recipe

If you are really hungry, as usually Bob & I are,…that’s the right size…
Otherwise use the recipe for 4 serves.

First of all, please use fresh, organic products… really worth for good food!

Start with:

1/2 kilo of FRESH (from a closer farmer…???) whole milk ricotta cheese
in Tuscany we have ricotta from cow milk or from sheep, the cow ricotta is sweeter and soft
the sheep one has a stronger and salted taste
and honestly is up to you……I love both the version…
1 fresh large egg
1 tablespoon of good, real (maybe Tuscan), cold pressed olive oil
a lot of my guests are used, when they are here, to buy the ‘Cavallino Olive Oil’ and that’s what I am using
25 up to 40 gr. of finely grated Parmigiano (parmesan).
Parmesan gives taste and massive, more parm. you add more your Gnocchi MLH will be solid
200 gr. of sifted flour, the same kind that you use baking bread….we call it ‘0’ (’00’ is for baking cake) or Maizena flour works fine
Touch of flour for rolling the Gnocchi
salt, pepper, nutmeg…

I love my beautiful, black and steel, Kitchen Aid but….. to prepare Gnocchi is an anti-stress exercise, so work by hand !

Let’s start ❤️

1 in a glass bowl, add egg, ricotta and oil …and mix
2 add parmesan and a touch of salt, pepper and maybe nutmeg if you like it, and mix….
3 add the flour (sifted), little at time, just till you can understand the dough is smooth and no sticks to your hand.
4 roll it by hand and,
you can create small ball flat on the surface or….
roll the dough in a long serpentine and then cut small pieces…as small ball flat on the surface!
Please decide by yourself the right size…..Traditional Tuscan Gnocchi usually are small as 1 cm but we are used to have huuuge Gnocchi of 2 or 3 cm.

So the first great step has been done!

5 at this point you have just to make imprints from a fork (it will work better with the sauce!)
6 and put all the beautiful Gnocchi on a non-stick sheet or lightly floured dish
7 transfer the Gnocchi in the freezer just for the time to have the perfect consistence….(you could also freeze them for a future use…).
8 add the Gnocchi to the boiling water
9 as Gnocchi rise to the top {a sign they are done cooking} scoop them out with a mesh strainer ,… drain them perfectly…
10 and steep the Gnocchi in a juicy, rich and generous tomatoes sauce!

Buon Appetito!

Do you like it?

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