Slow Down, Meditate and Savor Life at MLH

I always say that the best season to enjoy Tuscany is the Spring. There’s something magical in the long walks along the coast during sunset, the sun that slowly disappears behind the horizon, and the eyes that get lost in its infinite beauty.

The nice weather is probably the biggest pleasures of living in this section of Tuscany, la Costa deli Etruschi. Who knows how to be beautiful and magical in every season…but in the Spring, flowers are blooming, beautiful aromas fill the air, and even love seems stronger. And it’s that love that leads us to Mediterranea Luxury House each Spring.

“In town without Sea … I wonder who the audience is for people to find their own balance … maybe the Moon …” (Banana Yoshimoto)

The sea is a natural escape from the daily stress; looking at the movement of a wave helps to relax the mind and the soul and allows the body to regenerate. There is no place more enchanted in the land than our beautiful Tuscany. Here you can find everything – the beauty of nature, art, music, good food, good wine and…good life!


Mediterranea Luxury House Maison de Charme is the perfect destination for an escape from the quick rhythm of daily life, the running, the duties…here the time slows down, indulges and lets us find ourselves again. Soon another Spring will start and the desire to leave will prevail; so here you can find some suggestions on how to have a relaxing and regenerating holiday in Tuscany:

  • Leave with a special person who wants to discover the magic of our land.
  • Enjoy the pleasure of a seaside walk: sounds, lights and colors of nature; it will be therapeutic! Look at the horizon, here on the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany, is breathtaking.
  • Blue goes nice with green: you can choose between walking in the woods or hiking between the villages stuck between the surrounding hills.
  • Bring a book with you, maybe the one that is on your bedside table since a long time and that you can’t find time to read: MLH has the most relaxing corners to let you totally immerse in the joy of reading.
  • Cuddle: a good glass of Tuscan wine will restore your connection, a yoga session will calm down the spirit, a massage in our Jacuzzi mini-pool will relax the body and…a romantic restaurant with the sea view will flatter every sense!!!


Time stands still here…giving you time to find yourself again. Enjoy happy days now, don’t delay…the best time is now!

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